Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable system allows the user to effectively control and manage receivables. It assists in collection efforts by providing quick access to account information, producing monthly finance charges and statements, and offering multiple ageing report options.



  • View all customer activity, including current orders, quotes, and details about specific invoices and payments.
  • Analyze the last 12 months of history with the Credit History Inquiry.
  • Cross-reference invoices and sales order numbers with the customer’s purchase order number to find items quickly.

Ageing Reports

  • Print by salesperson, by customer, or by branch, in detail or summarized formats.
  • Print by invoice date or due date, account and branch to help with auditing.
  • Change the ageing days as needed.

Cash Receipts

  • Display information automatically by simply entering an invoice number.
  • Review balance forward, automatically pay oldest invoices, and make any necessary adjustments in      cash receipts.
  • Handle over-the-counter sales and other miscellaneous cash.
  • Allow other adjustments such as write-offs, credits, etc.

Customer Statements

  • Flag customers to optionally receive statements, and/or service charge invoices.
  • Optionally exclude customers with current accounts and specify a minimum balance.
  • Print aged totals on each statement.


  • Update Accounts Receivable information automatically to other MCMS programs such as Order Entry and  General Ledger.

Other Features

  • Summarize detail for specific customers.
  • Create custom letters for  past-due accounts with the MCMS Prospect Management module, or MC Connect.
  • Flag accounts for call-back  notification or a future date, and store comments on each call  with the Prospect Management module.
  • Plan the expected cash  receipts with the Expected Cash Flow report.