General Ledger

The General Ledger system not only simplifies the entire accounting procedure, but also produces financial reports that can help you examine your financial status in detail. The General Ledger can prepare financial statements within minutes, giving a complete financial picture of the company whenever the need arises.


  • Interface with all other financial applications including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Fixed Assets.
  • Interface with all MCMS application processes including Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Order Entry, etc.
  • Accept transactions from those applications through an automatic posting feature.

Journal Processing

  • Control updating to any given month in the current or previous fiscal year.
  • Automatically generate recurring journal entries for selected frequency and duration.
  • Automatically create reversing journal entries for subsequent periods (accrual entries).
  • Dual-Year Capability allows two fiscal years to be open, permitting processing in the new year to continue while the final year-end closing figures are being gathered.

Multi-Company/Branch/Department Capability

  • Process transactions for independent companies.
  • Combine financial reports from multiple companies if needed.
  • Isolate branch and departmental income statements with special sorting.

Financial Reports

  • Analyze entries with an on-demand report or inquiry for any account or range of accounts.
  • Generate balance sheets or income statements at any time.
  • Create custom financial statement formats or select standard formats.
  • Standard Balance Sheet formats include: Current Year Balances and Current Balances with Budget Comparison.
  • Standard Income Statement formats include:
    • current period and  year-to-date amounts with percentage of sales, current period and  year-to-date amounts with budget comparisons, and current period and  year-to-date amounts with previous period and year-to-date comparisons.