Job Cost

The Job Cost system allows a detailed view of revenue and costs generated on a job or order.

Job Cost Software Features

  • Any order, billed and/or open, can be viewed in the Job Cost Software module.
  • Internal job numbers can be created.
  • Job cost orders can be closed and re-opened and a user-defined status can be assigned.
  • Job Cost Codes define categories of costing, and these can be assigned to product lines and charge codes.
  • 3rd-party actual costs can be entered against a job in Accounts Payable as a distribution on an invoice line.
  • Employee time can be entered in Job Cost Time Entry.
  • Orders that are designated as job cost orders are available to print on job cost reports. Orders with employee time or 3rd-party A/P costs are automatically considered job cost orders.
  • Detailed reporting is provided through MC Connect.

Job Cost Software Interfaces

  • Job Cost Time Entry can be automatically posted to the Payroll system or run stand alone.