Linear Cutting Optimization

MC Mult is designed to help you optimize material usage when cutting linear inventory items.  The cutting specification can be generated from quote/order line-items or cut-lists, as well as from cut sizes and quantities that are manually entered in to the multing program.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Specify parameters like kerf, the minimum remnant size you desire, and whether to include remnants, use stock lengths only, or also include purchased material in the mult .
  • Save/modify the generated cutting specifications with different parameters to retry the mult, until you arrive at a cutting schedule that satisfies your scrap percentage and material use requirements.
  • Automatically allocate the Mult Schedule to an order.
  • Produce reports/forms for each cutting schedule, including order information and/or pertinent inventory information (e.g. lot numbers, locations etc.) to provide a working document for your warehouse personnel, or for your customer.
  • Significantly reduce the time required to compare cut sizes your customer desires with your current inventory picture.
  • Quickly analyze the material costs on a potential cutting order or quotation.
  • Efficiently utilize inventory improving profitability.
  • Help your sales people win more business by giving them a better tool to quote and sell your value-added processing of linear items faster and more profitably.