Customer Resource Management

The Customer Resource Management (CRM) system assists sales with response to leads, coordinates direct mail campaigns, manages the current customer base, and provides fast and efficient follow-up. This system can help organize and manage any metal center prospect database, and provide CRM functionality.

Entry and Inquiry

  • Customize user-defined fields and default entries, giving the ability to create databases comprised of specific prospect/customer characteristics.
  • Once the prospect/customer is identified, the user can immediately jump to the Quote or Order Entry function, check stock, review open orders, etc.
  • Record unlimited notes in a comment file that automatically displays the date and time of the entry.
  • Access a prospect/customer file quickly to immediately recall previous conversations.

Monitor Sales Functions

  • Record all contacts and special notes, and automatically determine the next date the prospect/ customer should be contacted based on a user-defined frequency.
  • Print a “hot” list of prospects to be called each day, along with the contact name, title and any special comments noted during past contacts.
  • Outside sales personnel can login from remote locations to record call information, and update the file for follow-up by inside sales.
  • Prevent discrepancies among individual salespeople by securing each prospect/customer base.
  • Measure advertising effectiveness by entering the source of sales leads, and tracking the overall responses.
  • Flag multiple prospects/customers to receive form letters based on user-selected criteria.


  • Integrate with MS Office applications (Word, Outlook) to send personalized correspondence on demand.
  • Automatically address the appropriate contact with the proper salutation and closing.
  • Design letters to be consistent with your current company form letter.
  • Coordinate direct mail campaigns for selected groups of prospects/customers based on several different criteria.
  • Print mailing labels with contact names to accompany letters or mass mailings.

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer Resource Management can also be utilized as a telecredit module.
  • Tailor call tracking and letter writing to enhance credit and collection efforts by creating a separate database for credit personnel.