Document Management

In most metal centers, several different types of documents are required to transact business. Efficiently handling and transmitting these documents to business partners often presents significant challenges. Our software for metal service centers offers flexible solutions for producing, transmitting and archiving the business critical documents that are created by your company internally (e.g. invoices, shippers, etc.), in addition to those generated by your business partners externally (e.g. supplier invoices and MTR’s, customer purchase orders, part drawings, etc.).

A comprehensive document management solution would utilize the following modules: MC Forms, MC DMS, MC Fax, MC Net/Email and perhaps MC File (if material test reports are integral to your business).

MC Forms — Provides printing of forms to multiple laser printersf

MC Fax/Email — Transmit forms to business partners via the method of choice, right from within the application. Forms can be faxed or emailed, one at a time or when interfaced with the MC Forms product, can be formatted to e-mail, print and fax automatically, based on your business partner’s requirements.

MC DMS — Archive all forms automatically as PDF files linked to key fields for future retrieval via a hotkey within the application. Also, allows archiving of external documents via scanning or importing.

MC File — Archives Material Test Reports linked directly to specific heat lots identified through the inventory control and receiving modules.