Fabrication Estimating

The MC Fab module provides value-added processors the ability to quickly and accurately quote and sell fabrication jobs. Most shapes or items that can be defined by an equation can be quoted quickly and easily. In addition, the quote can automatically include multiple pre-defined charges for inside or outside processing, freight, etc.


  • Create “fabrication” codes to define shapes that can be defined by an equation, (e.g. circles, rings, ring segments, rectangles, cut-to-length items, etc.), and then use the fab codes to quote/sell these items in the Order Entry and Quotation modules. Fab codes can also accommodate factors like kerf, test parts, etc.
  • Create value-add “charge” codes (e.g. sawing, burning, freight, etc.) which can automatically or manually be factored into the selling cost and price of the fabricated parts. These charges can utilize user-defined tables which consider factors like thickness, diameter, lineal inches, number of cuts, and so on. In addition, charge codes can have their own ledger accounts for financial reporting.
  • Charge codes can be designated for both internal and external processing. If external processing is required for an item, the integrated Quick PO function can be used to create any purchase orders required.
  • Whenever a “fab” code is utilized, the forms (e.g. sales order, invoice, etc.) programs can print the fab code description, (e.g. 1″ HR Plate, 4″OD x 3″ID Ring Segment), and the quantity and weight of the fabricated parts. In addition, MC Fab will notify you of, and bill for, the estimated material that will be required (e.g. 1″ HR Plate, 4.25″ x 4.25″).


  • Save time, eliminate miscalculations and oversights, and improve customer service by quickly and accurately quoting fabricated parts.
  • Improve value-add profitability by automatically including all factors (e.g. material, inside and outside processing, freight, skid charges, etc.) that contribute to the actual cost of a fabricated item.
  • Evaluate the profitability of your value-add activity by utilizing available report generating tools to create financial reports on each charge code.
  • Significantly decrease inaccurate quotations due to manual miscalculations, and/or failure to consider all relevant internal and external costs on fabrication orders.
  • Streamline the process required to create the quote, turn it into an order, and create any required purchase orders for both material and/or processing.


  • MC Fab is integrated with the Inventory, Quotations, Order Entry, Purchasing and General Ledger modules.
  • Value-add activity created through MC Fab can be analyzed with the standard MCMS reporting tools, and/or 3rd party tools (e.g. MS Excel, Crystal Reports, Access, etc.), with the optional MC Connect.