Website Interface/E-commerce

If creating a website experience that will seamlessly integrate to your database is part of your future strategic plan, our Web API (application programming interface) module allows you to pull data from and/or push data to the software via a web server.

For example:

  • Request Email of Invoice Copy. With this API, you can request a copy of an invoice be emailed.
  • Request Email of Material Test Reports. With this API, you can request that all MTRs related to an invoice be emailed.
  • Stock Status. With this API, you can get the on-hand quantity, by dimension, for any part number/warehouse combination.
  • Order Status. With this API, you can get the status of any sales order in the system.
  • Lookup. With this general API, you can get a list of most items in the system including Warehouses, Part Numbers, Customers, All Orders, All Quotes, and Orders for a Customer, and Quotes for a Customer, etc.
  • Direct Quote/Order Entry – Use the MC Cart feature in the latest revision to support Quote/Order Entry via website.
  • Use Credit Card Processing to sell online, and allow customers to login and create their own regular credit orders.

From a technical standpoint, the Web API:

  • Supports web services.
  • Returns XML data as explained further below.
  • The web services come in an API which allows you to access the functions of our software application as individual service requests.

The connection is done through HTTP and the results are provided in XML format, which can be reformatted for presentation by your website. In the case of lookup and inquiries, the XML result set is further tab delimited.

Connections are made from your web site or client to the Compusource UBL/TCA server. Access to all business rules (order and quote modification, inventory transactions, etc.) are available and can be added to the API’s on a contract basis.