Uptime Plus!

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Quarterly Diagnostic System Check & Automated Offsite Backup Service.

Hardware, file system and backup problems can potentially cause unnecessary down-time.   We have a lowcost program available to help identify problems before they occur, as well as to keep your MCMS system performing optimally.

The Diagnostic System Check is performed 4 times per year, and includes extensive hardware and software checks.

Hardware and Operating System Checks include:

  • check disk space
  • remove unnecessary files
  • confirm backups (local and offsite) are set up and working properly (including emailing CC of failure, if available)
  • check system messages
  • confirm UPS operation
  • verify availability of recovery media clean up rogue operating system programs and more…..

MCMS Software Checks include:

  • check for nearly full or damaged files
  • status of quarter-end and year-end processing
  • review user security
  • check history purge and updates where appropriate
  • check for proper GL distribution reporting and much more…

Upon completion of the service, customers are provided a summary report with recommendations for addressing any issues that are discovered.

The Automated Offsite Backup Service should be a high priority part of your overall data security strategy.  This service offers a nightly backup (monitored by CC) of your data to an offsite remote storage facility, which will protect your data and allow for system recovery in the case of any event (e.g. theft, fire, natural disaster) that renders your local backup unavailable or unusable.

The UPTIME PLUS service is strongly recommended for all MCMS/MetalCentric customers, and is available for one low annual fee.  Please contact your Compusource representative for all the details and to get started on the program.